STAR Atlas:PRO™ astronomical database manager

Un-paralleled search capabilities for finding celestial objects.

Enter Saturn, Messier 64 or even something peculiar as ESO350-40B and STAR Atlas:PRO easily locates that object for you. A chart of the object's location is displayed and astrophysical information describing the object may also be examined. You can also send your telescope slewing straight to it or even submit the object to STAR Atlas:PRO's Observation Planner, to be scheduled for your later observation. And for every celestial object you may attach your own images.

Each of STAR Atlas:PRO's popular and historical astronomical catalogues may be individually browsed, listed, and searched, you can sort Comets in order of brightness to easily locate the brightest ones and then chart their movement through the sky! Find the planets, track the positions of Jupiter's Moons and Great Red Spot in real-time. Find galaxy clusters and supernova remnants. You can even search for Variable & Multiple Stars that exhibit only certain variability and brightness ranges, all part of STAR Atlas:PRO's powerful find and search features.

Easily find popular objects like the Andromeda Galaxy, the Beehive Cluster, and Struve's Lost Nebula, all just just a click away! Access a huge range of other astronomical catalogues where an astounding amount of data is right at your fingertips. Also at hand is the Observation List Generator, a very powerful search tool for producing lists of celestial objects that fit your search criteria.

In fact the Astronomical Database Manager provides you with dozens of other similar functions and unique ways to assist you in finding the objects your looking for.

An example of the extensive information that may be displayed for just one star !

Following is the information we can find in STAR Atlas:PRO the star named Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis)

If you thought that was all the information there was about the star Betelgeuse ( Alpha Orionis ), there are actually two (2) further screens of information about this star.

Similar screens of astronomical data are shown for each catalogue in STAR Atlas:PRO™. Check out the full range of astronomical catalogues