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Can I list the Stars discovered by Hipparcos to be Variable, and can I list only ones in a certain Magnitude range ?

Yes and yes.
The first thing to know is that STAR Atlas: PRO can list both newly observed Variable Stars with a brightness range that was observed to be Periodic and also newly observed Variable Stars where the periodicity of the star has not yet been solved.

Here is how to find out: -

1. Open Star Atlas: PRO.
2. Click on [Locate} on the main menu.
3. Under [Stellar Objects] (bottom centre) click on [53- Hipparcos Periodic Variables]. Note also [54 � Hipparcos Unsolved Variables].
4. Click on [List] (bottom left).
5. At the bottom right, click on [Apply Magnitude Filter] then click on [List Only NEW Variable Stars].
6. Now change the settings on �Apply Magnitude Filter� so that [Maximum Magnitude] stays at 0, but [Minimum Magnitude] moves to 4.5.
7. Click [Apply Filter Rules Now] and STAR Atlas:PRO now lists 7 Stars
    a. Are newly discovered to be Variable, by Hipparcos
    b. And are between Magnitude 0.0 and 4.5
8. Now click on any of the entries from the list which will become highlighted.
9. Click [Select] which brings you to the information page for the selected star.
10. Next click [Map] which brings you back to the desktop and shows the stars� location.
11. Now click [Copy to Obs] to copy it to your Observation Planner for next time your under the stars.

We hope this will provide additional information from the database of this very sophisticated program which will help viewers gain additional insights into the information which can be obtained - Ian Buttfield.

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