Welcome to SKY:Lab Astronomy Software - home of STAR Atlas:PRO Planetarium, Star Atlas and Telescope Control
Welcome to SKY:Lab Astronomy Software - home of STAR Atlas:PRO Planetarium, Star Atlas and Telescope Control
STAR Atlas:PRO Astronomy Software
a spectacular Planetarium and Star Atlas
packed with features for astronomers and stargazers of all levels

STAR Atlas:PRO™ the HyperLEDA Galaxy database

An Atlas of 1,300,000 (1.3-Million) Galaxies

STAR Atlas:PRO™ includes a massive Galaxy database containing more than 1,380,500 Galaxies and an additional 171,000 other non-star objects including 33,000 Quasi-Stellar Objects (QSOs). A total of 1,551,560 (1.55-Million) celestial objects which includes the entire Principal Galaxy Catalogue and an additional 500,000 (0.5-Million) objects from the HyperLeda catalogue.

Display the most spectacular galaxy charts ever!

Includes a vast collection of galaxies with the latest precision data for each galaxy.

Celestial positions are accurate to an amazing 2 arc seconds! and many prominent galaxies also include colour information allowing these galaxies to be displayed by STAR Atlas:PRO™ in colour. The number of galaxies detailed in STAR Atlas:PRO™ is nothing less than awesome with more than 100,000 galaxies in the constellation of Virgo alone ! Of course you can filter out tiny galaxies and only display larger galaxies. This is perhaps the most comprehensive atlas of galaxies one could ever hope to obtain.

For a screen shot of the number of galaxies and precision with which they are plotted see The Coma Galaxy Cluster

Other Features

Includes a vast collection of galaxies with the latest precision data for each galaxy.

Provides you with valuable search and list features. Easily locate galaxies like the Maffei, Holmberg and Dwingeloo galaxies or find any galaxy by name or designation from a cross-referenced database of more than 3-Million galaxy Names and designations

Optionally limit the size of galaxies to display, display only galaxies from the Principal Galaxy Catalogue (PGC), display galaxy colours, list all known catalogue designations/identifications for a selected galaxy.

A vast range of Galaxy Catalogues include objects from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (Sloan DSS), the 2-Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS), and dozens more galaxy catalogues. STAR Atlas:PRO™ includes a substantial range of Galaxy Catalogues including the entire Principal Galaxy Catalogue (PGC). The following table lists a vast range of include catalogues.

Screen Shots

The Coma Cluster

Coma Galaxy Cluster

45' field - screen shot
20' field - screen shot

Centaurus Galaxy Cluster

40' field - screen shot
20' field - screen shot

2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey
2MASS All-Sky Catalogue of Point Sources
3rd Cambridge Catalogue
Andromeda Galaxies I-IV
Arakelian Galaxies
Arecibo General Catalog
Arp Peculiar Galaxies
Byurakan Survey of Galaxies, QSOs, blue stars
Catalogue of Galaxies behind the Milky Way
Catalogue of Selected Non-UGC Galaxies
Centaurus Cluster of Galaxies
Cluster System of M33
Coma Cluster Galaxies
David Dunlap Observatory Dwarf Galaxies
Dressler Cluster of Galaxies
Durham-UKST Survey
Dwarf and Dwarf Candidate Galaxies
EFAR Early type Galaxies Catalogue
Emission-Line Objects
ESO optical sources
ESO-Uppsala Galaxies
Fairall Galaxies
Flat Galaxy Catalogue
Flat Galaxy Catalogue southern Extension
Fornax Cluster Catalogue
Fourth Cambridge Survey
Galaxies behind Southern Milky Way
Galaxies behind the Milky Way
Galaxies in the Zone of Avoidance
Galaxies near the Northern galactic plane
HI bright galaxies in the southern Zone of Avoidance
Hickson Compact Galaxy Groups
High-Luminosity Spirals in direction of the Great Attractor
Holmberg Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
Infrared Astronomical Satellite Infrared sources
Isolated pairs of galaxies in the Northern Hemisphere
Karachentseva Double Galaxies
Karachentseva Isolated Galaxies
Kazarian Galaxies
Kiso Survey for UV-Bright Galaxies
Las Campanas Redshift Survey
Lick Northern Proper Motion, 1st part, Galaxies
Local Group Galaxies (suspected)
Lyon Groups of Galaxies
Maffei Galaxies
Markarian Galaxies
Molonglo Reference Catalogue of Radio Sources
Morphological Catalogue of Galaxies
Nearby dwarf galaxies towards the Hercules-Aquila void
Nearby dwarf Galaxy Candidates
Nearby galaxies with HI, Dwarf Galaxies
Perseus Cluster of Galaxies
Principal Galaxies Catalogue
RC2 Catalogue of Bright Galaxies
Revised Flat Galaxy Catalogue
Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy Catalogue
Shakhbazian Compact groups of galaxies
Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Tololo Emission-line galaxies or QSOs
Uppsala General Catalogue of Galaxies
Virgo Cluster Catalogue
Vorontsov-Vel'yaminov Interacting galaxies
Zwicky Compact and Eruptive galaxies
Zwicky Compact Galaxies
Zwicky Compact Galaxies and Post-Eruptive Galaxies
Zwicky Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies