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How do I search for Double & Multiple Stars that have a particular brightness range ?

With Star Atlas: PRO this is not a difficult issue.  Here is how: -

1. Open Star Atlas: PRO.
2. Click on [Chart Prefs] on the main menu.
3. Then select [Restore Defaults] (bottom right).
4. Click [Redraw]. This returns the view to the desktop.
5. On the main menu click [Locate].
6. Under [Stellar Objects] (centre bottom), click [55 � Hipparcos Double Stars].
7. On the next menu (Hipparcos collection of Double and Multiple Stars) click [List].
8. On this menu click [Apply Magnitude Filter].
9. Then apply [Maximum Magnitude] to [1.0] and [Minimum Magnitude] to [1.5].
10. Click [Apply Filter Rules Now] (centre bottom) and a short list of stars appears.
11. Click on a star and then click [Select].
12. On the next menu select [Map] and the star you have chosen will be displayed.
13. You may need to change the [Field of View] to about [2 degrees] to see the star in any detail � see FAQ �When Should I use the Field of View Command?.

This is an example of how Star Atlas: Pro can make your viewing simple and understandable � we suggest you explore these filters to see what the program can do for you.

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