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How do I setup the Telescope driver for my automated Telescope ?

Follow this procedure to setup your automated/robotic telescope to work with STAR Atlas:PRO.

1. Start STAR Atlas:PRO
2. click [Chart Prefs] from the main menu.
3. click [Program Settings and Configuration].
4. click [Telescope Setup] tab (top right).
5. now click [ENABLE] (this enable's STAR Atlas:PRO's Telescope Control System).
6. click the [Select Driver] button.
7. click a suitable Telescope Driver from the list.
8. now click the [Select] button (at bottom).
9. now click [Close] on each screen, until you return to the chart desktop.
10. now click [Quit] (as suggested when a new Telescope Driver is selected).
11. now start STAR Atlas:PRO and again and you are ready to use your automated telescope.

Additional Information:
If you are not using STAR Atlas:PRO to control an automated telescope, you do not need to [Enable] the Telescope Control System and then none of the Telescope Control Menus will appear within STAR Atlas:PRO's menus, making the menu systems more concise to use.

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