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How do I setup the Telescope Driver Options - Comms Timeout,  Chart Update Interval ?

The Telescope Driver Options permit you to adjust certain communications settings that may assist you in fine tuning telescope communications. Following is how to access the driver options, followed by a description of each setting.

To access the Telescope Driver Options :-

1. Start STAR Atlas:PRO
2. click [Chart Prefs] from the main menu - or E on the keyboard
3. click [Program Settings and Configuration] - or Alt-S on keyboard
4. click [Telescope Setup] (top right) - or Alt-T on the keyboard


1. Click the [Options] button from the Scope Control menu after you have clicked [Scope] to make a connection.


Communications Timeout Settings

This values sets the number of seconds that STAR Atlas:PRO waits for a response from the Telescope. If the Telescope does not respond in the specified time, STAR Atlas:PRO raises an alert.

The default value of 5 seconds is usually adequate for most telescope drivers. If you find that you keep getting "Telescope did not respond" errors, try increasing this value.

Interval between Position Updates

The interval between each chart update when Atlas:PRO is running in [Track Scope] mode.

The Interval can be set as low as one second or increase to best suit the speed of your computer.

Precess Telescope Co-ordinates

Enabling this option applies precession to the co-ordinates returned from the telescope. The Telescope's Epoch is assumed to be the current instant in time which is precessed too the Epoch of the star charts (usually J2000.0).

Log Telescope Comms to Clipboard

Enabling this option writes a log of telescope communications to the Windows Clipboard. Use the Clipboard Viewer supplied with Windows to view the log.

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