STAR Atlas:PRO™ guide star catalogue (GSC)

STAR Atlas:PRO™ provides you with instant charts beyond 15th Magnitude. Testimony to the charting power are the following screen shots. The following screen shot shows a large 20-degree wide chart centered near the bright star Antares in the constellation Scorpius. The large dark region is a nebulous area of the sky called the Rho Ophiuchus nebula.

The following screen shot shows a 2-degree wide chart of the Globular Star Cluster "47-Tuc" ( NGC-104 ). Thousands of stars occupying the globular star cluster and a small faint nearby galaxy ESO50-10, a Magnitude 16.3 galaxy only 1.3' arc-minutes long. Of course the core of some globular star clusters like this one are so densely packed with stars that the stars in the core are not included in astronomical catalogues