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STAR Atlas:PRO™ is a powerful Planetarium and Star Atlas packed with features for stargazers, amateur astronomers and robotic telescopes. STAR Atlas:PRO™ provides the features you need to explore the night sky with deep sky Star Charts, Telescope Control, Observation Planning and many other features...

DVD 64-bit & 32-bit Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, NT


Astronomy software has never been so easy to use, in no time at all you'll locate, identify and learn about thousands of celestial objects in your night skies. An intuitive and clutter free graphical interface has you up and going in minutes with a full-screen planetarium, precision deep sky charts, telescope control, observation planning and many more features.


STAR Atlas:PRO™ includes many features like the powerful search capabilities that allow you to find, identify and learn about celestial objects, an inbuilt observation planner assists you in planning which objects you want to see, a superb interface to the on-line Digitized Sky Survey images for downloading celestial images and a host of other features that save you time and keep you organised under the stars.


Spectacular charting graphics with dozens of optional settings allow you to customise the way your charts appear. Choose colour schemes to suit indoors or outdoors and chart printing or create your own chart colour combinations. Display true star colours, selectable star sizes, eyepiece and camera field of views, add text to charts and more.


Get ready to observe a lot of deep sky objects in no time at all. A sophisticated telescope control system for robotic telescopes provides superior and easy to use telescope control capabilities for Meade, Celestron and dozens of other popular telescopes. Dobsonian and other telescopes equipped with digital setting circles (DSC) or the Argo Navis are also supported.


Click anywhere in the sky, sit back, and watch a digital image appear on your screen for the area of the sky or celestial object you selected. Store the image into STAR Atlas:PRO™ where it can be charted like other celestial objects and re-display the image with a click. This is a great way to see what celestial objects look like before deciding to observe or image them. A truly amazing tool !


STAR Atlas:PRO™ is packed with more 24.3-Million objects occupying 2.8 Gigabytes of astrophysical data. Astronomical databases include Abell Galaxy Clusters, Arp Peculiar Galaxies, Barnard's Dark Objects, Caldwell Catalogue, Milky Way Globular Star Clusters, Hickson Compact Galaxy Groups, Lynd's Bright and Dark nebulae, PGC Galaxy catalogue, Messier objects, NGC and IC catalogue, Quasars, Active Galaxies, Star Clusters, Strasbourg-ESO Planetary Nebulae, Supernovae Remnants and many many more!


  • Easy to use Planetarium and Sky Atlas with all the features you need to easily locate, find and learn about celestial objects in the Night Sky.
  • Spectacularly detailed star charts, displayed in the true colours of stars, provide stunning views of the night sky complete with Planets, Comets and countless other celestial objects, to keep you looking an entire life-time!
  • Explore the night sky with the STAR Atlas:PRO™ Virtual Sky interface to the Palomar Digitized Sky Survey (DSS).
  • Planet positions and extensive Planetary data include the Planet's apparent diameter, phase, magnitude, rise and set times, distance and even the Planet's atmospheric composition.
  • Follow Comets as they move through the Sky and print tabular reports.
  • Display the best time to observe Jupiter's Great Red Spot and display the positions of Jupiter's Galilean Moons in real-time as they orbit Jupiter.
  • Advanced Astronomical Database Manager provides you with un-paralleled ease and power when it comes to finding the objects your looking for.
  • A powerful List Generator provides you with a tool for easily creating and exporting Lists of Astronomical Objects.
  • Under the Stars and don't know where to look next? The integrated Observation Planner collates and plans your observations in advance, saving precious time and keeping you organized when it comes to observing under the stars.
  • A powerful database with more than 2.8 Gigabytes (2,800 Megabytes) of popular and historical astronomical catalogues that you may browse, list and search.
  • More than 24-Million objects stored in the mega sized astronomical database, all with data.
  • Browse, List, Sort and Examine individual astronomical catalogues, sort Comets so that the brightest Comets appear at the top of the list.
  • Print tabular tables of Planet and Comet positions.
  • Attach your own images to celestial objects.
  • Precision Star colours.
  • Print Charts to your printer or an image file.
  • Produce publication quality charts in Postscript and PDF format for high-resolution chart printing.
  • Annotate charts with your own comments.
  • Dozens of selectable chart options permit you to highly customize the way charts appear.
  • Create your own Telescope and Eyepiece Profiles for projecting your Eyepiece field of views onto a chart.
  • Create your own Telescope and CCD Camera profiles for projecting a CCD camera's field of view onto a chart.
  • Add your own objects.

Additional Features

  • 27,000 images of deep sky objects (one positive and one negative image for each deep sky object from the NGC and IC catalogues).
  • More than 1.3-Million Galaxies from Principal Galaxy Catalogue (PGC) catalogue and an additional 500,000 other objects from the HyperLEDA galaxy database.
  • An additional 2.5-Million stars from the Tycho II astrometric and photometric reference catalogue.
  • 129,000 Asteroids and Minor Planets from the Minor Planet Centre's Orbital Database (MPCORB).
  • A vastly updated list of over 550 deep sky objects with popular names (Boomerang Nebula, Gomez's Hamburger, Hoag's Object, McNeil's Nebula, Parrot's Head Nebula, Red Spider Nebula, Spirograph Nebula, and... over 500 more!).
  • Includes the entire precision version of the Guide Star Catalogue (GSC-ACT).
  • Includes the SAP/INET Internet Communications package for auto-downloading of additional images from the Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) and for automatic downloading of Comet and Asteroid orbital elements.
  • Includes and highlights Telescope Alignment Stars for Argo Navis™, Meade and Celestron.
  • Easily list and display images of deep sky objects in any Constellation.
  • Accurate positions for all NGC and IC objects.

Telescope Control System

  • Slew your telescope to any celestial object, quickly and efficiently.
  • Click on any celestial object, choose Slew, and your telescope automatically moves to point at that object.
  • See all the details... Telescope Control System.

The Guide Star Catalogue (GSC) and Advanced Internet Features

  • When your looking beyond the brightest astronomical objects, STAR Atlas:PRO™ has power to boast with capabilities that present you with some of the faintest astronomical charts ever made so easily available.
  • Advanced Virtual Sky interface to Palomar Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) just point and click and watch the Image appear after it is automatically downloaded for you.
  • Features advanced Internet capabilities for fully automatic retrieval of Palomar Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) Images, Comet Orbital Elements.
  • Features a ready to go database of more than 15 million stars and 3 million other objects, instantly chart the entire sky to fainter than 15th Magnitude, exceeding the limits of most amateur telescopes.
  • an extensive astronomical database consists of more than 2.800 Megabytes of celestial objects, astrophysical data and information.
  • includes the revised GSC-ACT version of The Guide Star Catalogue for instant charts beyond 15th Magnitude.
  • Runs on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, Windows NT, Windows Vista and Windows™ XP.
Telescope Control

Telescope Control

STAR Atlas:PRO™ supports most makes and models of telescopes including Meade, Celestron, Vixen, Astro-Physics and the freely available ASCOM telescope plug-in drivers

Telescope Control System

Get ready to observe a lot of deep sky objects in no time at all! A sophisticated telescope control system for robotic telescopes provides superior and easy to use telescope control capabilities for Meade, Celestron and dozens of other popular telescopes. Dobsonian and other telescopes equipped with digital setting circles (DSC) or the Argo Navis are also supported.

Slewing your telescope to the Orion Nebula in is as easy as choosing the Locate button, select Orion Nebula from the list of deep sky objects, click Goto and your telescope slews to that object. Or with star charts, right click on any celestial object and choose Goto. Telescope control couldn't be simpler...

Goto command for telescope control

[GOTO] dozens of objects in no time at all

STAR Atlas:PRO™ includes a large range of astronomical databases that you may search and browse. Every celestial object in the database and each object on star charts include the [GOTO] button that Slews your telescope to that object. Once your telescope has slewed to the object the [SYNC] button can then be used to re-calibrate the pointing accuracy of Meade compatible telescopes during an observing session.

Advanced Support for Meade Telescopes

The STAR Atlas:PRO™ inbuilt Meade telescope driver supports high and low precision telescope pointing and includes the powerful Control Panel for Meade Telescopes (pictured) that permits you to remotely control the settings of your Meade telescope with ease. Many command are supported including Movement Rate, Slew Rate, Precision Focus Control, Reticle Flash Rate and Brightness Level, Smart Drive mode, Tracking Rate, GPS Controls, PEC Controls, Pointing Precision, Fan Control, Field de-rotator, Sleep Mode, Telescope Parking.

Telescope control panel for Meade Telescopes

Telescope Interfaces

STAR Atlas:PRO™ includes in-built telescope drivers compatible with dozens of telescopes including;

  • Astro-Physics GTO.
  • Argo Navis™ (NGC-superMax™).
  • Celestron NexStar™ 5i/8i.
  • Celestron NexStar 8/9.25/11 GPS.
  • Celestron CGE Series.
  • Celestron NexStar 5/8.
  • Celestron GT Models 60/80/114/4/130 (original series & current series).
  • FS2 telescope drive unit.
  • Meade Telescopes with Autostar™ I and/or Autostar II and/or LX200 command set.
  • Meade LX600.
  • Meade LX850.
  • Meade LX200 GPS and Meade LX200 GPS 16-inch.
  • Meade LX200 and Meade LX200 16-inch.
  • Meade LX90.
  • Meade LXD models.
  • Meade ETX models.
  • Astro-Physics GTO mount.
  • Vixen Sky Sensor 2000.
  • Sky Commander Digital Setting Circles (DSC).
  • Losmandy Digital Setting Circles.

ASCOM telescope control ASCOM Compliant Telescope Control

STAR Atlas:PRO™ also supports telescope drivers available in the ASCOM Telescope Driver software package. The ASCOM software package may be freely downloaded from the ASCOM Web Site and integrated with STAR Atlas:PRO™ to provide additional telescope drivers. For more information and the most recent list of supported Telescopes visit

The ASCOM add-on provides drivers for the following telescopes (check the ASCOM web site for a complete list);

  • ACL Based Telescopes (Comsoft PC-TCS, Optical Guidance, DFM, other research grade instruments)
  • ACP Astronomer's Control Panel telescope hub
  • AstroOptik Research Telescopes
  • Astro-Physics GTO Mounts
  • Celestron NexStar 4 GT, 80 GT, 114GT, 5, 5i, 8, 8i, GPS and Ultima 2000
  • Generic LX200 and other LX series Scopes (many emulations including Bartels, FS2)
  • Losmandy Gemini Controller (levels 1-3)
  • Meade LX200, LX200GPS, and Autostar (Meade specific features supported)
  • Meade Telescope and Focuser
  • Vixen SkySensor 2000 PC


"using the telescope with STAR Atlas:PRO™ makes the whole set up seem more like a remote control robot."

"star atlas pro's Telescope Control System makes controlling your telescope a breeze..."

"never before have I located so many deep sky objects, so quickly, in one night"


STAR Atlas:PRO™ Astronomy Software for Windows™ 64-bit & 32-bit

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Star Atlas Pro - Star Charts|Telescope Control|Observation Planner

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Star Atlas Pro - Star Charts|Telescope Control|Observation Planner

Includes STAR Atlas:PRO™ on USB MediaSTAR Atlas PRO on USB Media


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Resources for STAR Atlas:PRO™ Users

Latest Upgrade

Version 7.3 is an upgrade to Version 7 installations of STAR Atlas:PRO™ (Do not install if you have an earlier version, it will not work!). This upgrade rectifies a minor issue encountered when downloading the most recent Comet Elements necessary to produce accurate comet positions.
Install Instructions:
1) Make sure STAR Atlas:PRO™ is closed and not running.
2) Download the new version of StarAtlasPro.exe (5.7MB).
3) Copy the new downloaded program file to the folder where you installed STAR Atlas:PRO, by default this location is C:\StarAtlasPro. When prompted overwrite the existing program file.
4) Start STAR Atlas:PRO™, then from the floating menu choose [L]ocate, then select [2] Comets, then select [Load Comet Elements], for this upgrade choose [Clean], answer Yes when prompted to clean the comet database, then choose [Download] and the latest Comet orbital elements will be downloaded.
5) Done!

How-To Documents

The How-To Documents aim to allow both beginner and experienced users to gain full benefit from STAR Atlas:PRO™. Each document is written by other amateur astronomers using STAR Atlas:PRO™ in the field to give examples of how to use the software in many situations. Check out the How-To Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of our most popular questions. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions

User Manual

The STAR Atlas:PRO™ User Manual is a great reference to have handy. Check out the User Manual


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