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How Do I Print an Ephemeris for a Comet ?

A dictionary definition of �Ephemeris� is table listing the positions of planets: a table listing the future positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets over a given period of time. The same can be the case for comets.

It is easy for STAR Atlas:PRO to produce this data for you. This is a little more complicated than for planets but here is how.

1. Open STAR Atlas:PRO.
2. Click on [Locate] on the main menu.
3. Now click [2 - Comets] in the list of [Extended Objects], (left centre).
4. Click on [List], (bottom left).
5. Now select the Comet of your choice with a double-click and this brings you back to the comet data of your choice. (also See FAQ: What can I learn about Comets in STAR Atlas:PRO ? )
7. The next step is to click on [Plot Path], (bottom centre).
8. Under [Export Ephemerides], (bottom left) select [Save Comet Ephemerides to Web Browser File] so that a √ appears in the box alongside this command.
9. There is an option immediately below the above command which allows you to select [Export Ephemerides to this Folder].
10. You need to select the folder you want to send the ephemerides to.  This author has used Windows Explorer to create at folder at C:\STARPRO\OTHER_IMAGES.
11. Select the chosen folder via the � button to the right of the folder options command.
12. Now click [Plot Comet Path] (bottom right).
13. You are now taken back to the desktop with the comet path plotted.

14. To view and print the comet ephemerides, open Windows Explorer and select the folder where you have selected for the comet ephemeredes file to go.
15.  Double click on the file which will have the name of the comet with an extension .html (eg. Haley.html).
16. After a short delay Internet Explorer explodes on to the screen and, Voila, there is the comet ephemeris data in front of you.
17. You can now print this data from the [Print] icon on the tool bar of Internet Explorer.

For further details on plotting the paths of Comets see FAQ: How do I plot the path of a Comet on a chart ?

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