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How do I get the chart to display my Eyepiece Field of View when the Telescope slews to an object ?
I have an Argo Navis, how do I display the Eyepiece Field of view when connected to my Telescope ?

STAR Atlas:PRO (SAP) has a number of specialised features to assist the enthusiast with telescope operations. One such feature of SAP is the ability to assist the viewer by showing you what to expect when looking at the sky through your telescope and eyepiece combination.
Before proceeding make sure you have setup STAR Atlas:PRO with your Telescope parameters, Eyepiece parameters, and CCD Camera parameters. If you haven't already done so, refer to FAQ: How much of the Sky will I see through my own Telescope, Eyepieces and CCD Camera ? before continuing with this FAQ.

Once this is done, you can easily select the eyepiece your using (and the telescope your using, if you have more than one) and the program will show the actual area of the sky you will see through the eyepiece ( or CCD Camera ).

1. First open Star Atlas: PRO.
2. Make a connection with your telescope. Choose [Scope] and then [Connect].
3. Choose [Options] from scope menu toolbar.
4. Click on [Eyepiece Field] in the Reticle Mode section
5. Single click your Telescope from your list of 'scopes (top list).
6. Single click the Eyepiece your currently using from your list of Eyepieces (bottom list).
7. Now if you wish the reticle to remain enforced click the [ ] Centre and Keep Reticle Enabled option so that a tick mark is present thereby enabling the option. The Field of View (FOV) for your Telescope and Eyepiece combination is then displayed at bottom right.
8. Click [Draw FOV].
9. Click [Close] again to return to the chart

The Reticle is now enabled and will be displayed at the location your telescope points in subsequent telescope operations.


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