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How Do I Turn On Star Name Labels when displaying the All-Sky Chart ?
When you display the All-Sky Chart STAR Atlas: PRO automatically turns off Star Names labels to reduce clutter from too many Star Names. However you may srill enable Star Labels for the All-Sky Chart if you prefer.

To enable Star Name Labels: -

1. Open Star Atlas: PRO
2. Click on [Chart Prefs] on the main menu.
3. click [Object Labels] (centre, left).
4. Under [Stars] (centre, left), click on [Star Labels] so that a √ appears in the box the left side of this label.
5. Just below this there are further [Label Options]. Click on the box for [Common Name] so that a √ appears in the box.
6. Click [Close] (bottom, right) then ,
7. Click on [Redraw] (bottom right).
8. Star name labels will now appear on the desktop chart.

This option gives the viewer a number ways to have data readily available!

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