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Can I Use STAR Atlas: PRO to List Only Star Clusters or Galaxies
in a Certain Constellation
and Within a Certain Magnitude Range ?

The short answer to this is �Yes� and it is very easy, even for the most inexperienced observer!

The capacity to refine searches to limits that the observer wishes to set, makes defining the nights viewing much simpler and more rewarding.

Here is how to do it.

1. Open Star Atlas: PRO.
2. Click on [Locate] on the main menu.
3. Click on [Observation List Generator] (top left).
4. The menu that appears allows the viewer to set the parameters of a search as outlined in the question.
5. First look for a constellation e.g. Crux by clicking on the [Constellation] button (top, right) and scrolling down to {Crux}.
6. Next, set the [Magnitude Limit] and scrolling to say [10].
7. Now move down a line to the [Object Filter], and click [All Off], just below the Object Filter designation.
8. Click on [Star Clusters] and [Galaxies] so that a �√� is seen in the appropriate check box next to the Star Cluster and Galaxies designations.
9. Click [Search], (top right) and a list of relevant items is displayed.
10. Select an item of interest and then click [Examine Entry] (bottom, left) which brings up a data menu for this item.
11. If the item selected is within the range of interest for viewing, click [Copy to Obs] (bottom, centre) and the item can be added to the Observation Planner (see FAQ How do I ???).
12. To check that the selected item is present in the Observation Planner, click on [Locate] on the main menu.
13. Click on [91 � Observation Planner] and when the next menu appears, click [List] so all items in the Planner will be revealed. You can now check that the item you are interested in is in that list!

It is easy to generate such a list and we hope that it will enhance your viewing.

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