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How do I find the "Witch Head Nebula" by name ?

Star Atlas Prolists many interesting Deep Sky Objects by their popular names.

1. Start STAR Atlas: PRO
2. Choose [Locate] from the main menu (or L on keyboard).
3. Under Extended Objects choose [3] - Popular Deep Sky Objects
4. Scroll down the list until you locate the Witch Head nebula and select it with a click (or ALT-S on keyboard).
5. the chart now centres on the location of the Witch Head nebula making it simple to immediately locate it's precise position.

Further Information:
At Step 4, you may get the message "Object is Below the Horizon" if you have STAR Atlas:PRO set to Polar Charting Mode.
(See FAQ: When should I use Polar and Horizon views and how ? for further information ).

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