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How do I use Colour Schemes in STAR Atlas:PRO ?

This combined FAQ explains

Day Mode & Night Mode

The Day Mode colour scheme utilizes a mixture of screen colours suitable for using STAR Atlas:PRO during daylight. On the other hand, the Night Mode colour scheme is a colour scheme optimised for low effect on your night vision ( your ability to see in the dark ).

To change colour schemes from Day Mode to Night Mode and vice versa. 
Here is how: -

1.     Open Star Atlas: PRO.
2.     Click on [Chart Prefs] on the main menu.
3.     Now try changing from night to day or vice versa.
4.     Find [System Colour Scheme] (top right).
5.     The default setting is [Day] which gives a bright colour scheme.  If this is not clicked do so now � click [Day].
6.     Next click [Night] which changes to darker red colours which minimize the amount of light pollution and enhance your vision when you are out viewing in the dark.

Chart Background Colour

You may change the background colour of the charts, using the following technique.

1.   Open Star Atlas: PRO.
2.   Click on [Chart Prefs] on the main menu.
3.   Find [Chart Colour Scheme] (top left).
4.   There are three options here and they are worth experimenting with.
5.  The default option is [Colour on Black].
6.  Click on [Black on White], then [Redraw], (bottom right).
7.  This changes the look of the program significantly.
8.  Now click on [Chart Prefs] again.
9.  Click [Colour on Black] but vary this by selecting your background colour,
10.  Click on [Background Colour], and select any colour you like � say [Blue].
11.  It is recommended that you do not select [White] as this will then loose the stars which are also coloured white!, instead choose the [Colour on White] option when you require a white chart background.
12.  Click [Redraw], and the colour of your choice is now displayed.

Note, if the viewer experiments and confuses colour choices, he or she can always recover by clicking of [Chart Prefs], [Restore Defaults] under [Star Atlas: PRO Settings] (bottom right). Then click [Redraw] and the colours will return to the default colour scheme.

Chart Symbol Colours

You may change the colour of the chart symbols to suit your own likings, using the following technique.

1.  Open Star Atlas: PRO.
2.  Click on [Chart Prefs] on the main menu.
3.  click on [Symbol Colours].
4.  now click on the [Set Colour] button, that appears next to the symbol that you wish to change.
5.  now select the colour from the colour chooser and then click [OK] button.
6.  the chart is now redrawn using the new colour you chose for the selected chart symbol.
7. you can return the symbol to its default colour by returning to the Legend of Chart Symbols screen and choosing [Set Default] for the symbol you changed, and the symbol is then restored to normal colours.

You now have a range of options to experiment with � we hope you have fun!

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