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How do I update the Longitude of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter ?

Check the latest Longitude on the Great Red Spot (GRS) can befound here.

1. Start STAR Atlas: PRO.
2. Choose [Locate] from the main menu.
3. Choose menu item [Other Objects], [41] - Jovian Events (bottom right side)
4. Place your cursor in the GRS Longitude input field (at top right) and enter the new value of the GRS Longitude. There are at least two main ways you can do this:-

i) Using a mouse, point to the displayed GRS Longitude value and left-click, you will then see your cursor positioned there, you can now enter the new GRS Value.

ii) For laptop users press the Shift-Tab keys on your keyboard twice. This will highlight the entire GRS Longitude value; you can now enter the new GRS Longitude value.

5. Now click [Close].
6. Now return to the Jovian Events screen (following Steps 2 and 3 of this FAQ) and check the GRS Longitude is correctly updated to the new value.
7. STAR Atlas: PRO will now calculate Great Red Spot transit times using the latest GRS data.

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