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Can I Set the Chart Time and Date to Show the Position of Planets for January 1, 1976 or Any Other Date I Choose?

Well, yes, of course. This is for the historians but here is how.

1. Open Star Atlas: PRO.
2. Click [Chart Prefs] on the main menu.
3. Under [Chart Date & Time] (top centre), click [Set Manually].
4. Now enter the date of interest, in this case 01/01/1976.
5. Then press [Enter].
6. The program asks [Do You Wish to Recalculate Planet and Comet Positions?].
7. Click [Yes] (the computer then re-calculates positions).
8. Now click [Redraw] (bottom, right).
9. The program then returns to the situation at the date and time you requested. 
10. IMPORTANT STEP: when the above viewing is finished, return the [Chart Date & Time] to the [Sync to Computer] setting in [Chart Prefs] otherwise, left unchanged, the chart date remaining set in 1976 will interfere with you next viewing session ( usually expected to be the present date, not 1976! ).

Good luck with your studies of ancient history � or futuristic view of the world! by Ian Buttfield

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