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Was the Star Sirius Called the "Dog Star" ? How Can I find Out?

STAR Atlas: PRO can show Historical Names and Other Names for named Stars. Follow this simple procedure to find out how you can easily find named stars and the other names they have been known by.

Using the star Sirius as an example:-

1. Start STAR Atlas: PRO
2. Click [Locate] or L on the keyboard
3. Choose menu option [57 - Star Names], (bottom, middle).
4. Click [Find Star] (bottom left)
5. Click the [S] button on the quick index menu (at top) - this lists all stars beginning with the letter S.
6. Scroll down until you see the entry Sirius, and then double-click it.
7. The Star Names information panel is displayed and the star named Sirius is selected as the Common Name. At centre of the screen is the list Other Names for this Star, you will see that one them is indeed the "Dog Star".

We hope this helps and star names can be a major problem for beginners and experience users alike!

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