STAR Atlas:PRO frequently asked questions - FAQs

When I choose [Locate] the Astro Database Manager displays dozens of buttons with Astronomical Catalogue Designations. What are these buttons and how to I use them?

The top right corner of the Astronomical Database Manager screen is filled with dozens of buttons grouped into Galaxies, Star Clusters, Globulars, etc. These buttons are most useful when you are looking for an object in a certain astronomical catalogue but you do not know the exact catalogue designation, just the catalogue number.

Let's suppose, you were told that Hickson Compact Group number 52, was well worth a look. So you have pulled out your laptop, boot up STAR Atlas: PRO and now how do you find it?

The flotilla of buttons in the Astronomical Database Manager solves this problem for you.

  1. Open Star Atlas: PRO.
  2. Click [Locate] on the main menu.
  3. From the list of buttons click under [Galaxies] (top centre), click [Hickson].
  4. Now STAR Atlas: PRO has put the letters HCG in the Object Designation input box for you, thereby alleviating you from knowing that the correct catalogue designation was in fact HCG. Your cursor is located so that you may immediately begin entering the HCG number you are looking for. Type 52.
  5. Click the [Find] button and the information panel is displayed for Hickson Compact Group Number 52.
  6. You can now click [Map] to chart its location or if your automated telescope is connected click the [GOTO] button to slew the Galaxy Group.

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