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When should I use the Field of View Command ?

The Field of View command is a great way to actually Zoom In and Out of different regions of the sky.

Field of View is an astronomical term that describes how much of the Sky is charted by STAR Atlas: PRO when a chart is drawn on the screen. The entire Sky from one horizon to the opposite horizon has a 180 Degree Field of View. Such large scale charts are normally used to show only the brightest celestial objects. As you decrease the Field of View down to say 90�, 30�, 10�, and less, you are effectively zooming into the portion of the sky your looking at, accordingly STAR Atlas: PRO displays more and more astronomical objects.

Using the [Field Of View] command permits the viewer to greatly enlarge the object so that it appears on the screen in much the same way as you might observe it in the sky. The size of the object may be increased by decreasing the Field of View.

A 5-Degree Field of View, or less, provides excellent enhancement and chart detail.

To do this:-

1. Open Star Atlas: PRO.
2. If you are in Horizon Mode � see FAQ �When should I use polar and horizon views and how?�, click on [Chart Prefs].
3. Click on [Chart Mode], [Polar Mode], top right hand corner.
4. Click on [Field of View] on the main menu.
5. Ensure that the [Field of View] is set at either 150 or 120 degrees.
6. Find any object, say NGC 104.
7. Click on [Locate] on the main menu.
8. Click on [NGC], top centre under [Popular].
9. Add 104 to the [NGC] menu under [Object Designation], top left.
10. Click on [Find], immediately to the right of this.
11. Then click on [Map], lower, centre.  There is little to see.
12. Now change the [Field of View] (main menu) to 2 degrees.
13. At last, you see a good image of the object NGC 104, a Globular Cluster, and you can download an image of it if you want.

Thus, the File of View command can be used to �magnify� objects so you can see them.

Once the object is seen, then a picture of it can be downloaded using the DSS Image viewer.

14. Try experimenting with differing FOV�s to obtain images to suit yourself.

This feature of Star Atlas: PRO is really useful and can greatly enhance your viewing. Once the object is seen, consider downloading a Digitized Sky Survey Image of it using the DSS Image facility in STAR Atlas: PRO. see FAQ: How do I download DSS Pictures of objects that interest me and make them the size that is best for me ?

Additional Information: If you have the all-Sky Chart displayed you must select an [Horizon] View before the chart's Field of View can be changed. If this is the case simply press H on your keyboard (H for Horizon) then W (W for West) to select the West Horizon view before proceeding to Step 1.

This feature of Star Atlas: PRO is really useful and can greatly enhance your viewing.

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