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I wish to chart the distribution of Galaxies across the Night Sky to assist in locating large clusters of galaxies, can this be done ?


The flexibility of STAR Atlas:PRO is such that it's astronomical data may be displayed in many ways, it's like using a graphical interface to the data.

Here is an opportunity to display ten's of thousands of galaxies for your night sky, making it easy to home in large clusters of galaxies.

Here is how: -

1. Open Star Atlas: PRO.
2. Click on [Chart Prefs] on the main menu.
3. Click on [Restore Defaults] (bottom right-centre).
4. Click on [Horizon Mode] (top, right).
5. Now click on [Catalogue Selection Method] (right centre).
6. Select [Manual] (top centre).
7. Next click on [All Off] (bottom right).
8. Then click [LEDA Database] (centre).
9. Click [Close] and a large number of galaxies are seen on the screen.
10. Now click on [Horizon] on the main menu, and choose [say South].
11. This gives a spectacular view of the many galaxies present in the Horizon View      (but of course you can do this with any view).
12. When you have finished, click on [Chart Prefs] and then [Restore Defaults] to return to normal charting mode.

We hope this view gives viewers the opportunity to see the wonders of the universe at first hand - Ian Buttfield.

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