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I wish to chart the distribution of Galaxies across the Night Sky to assist in locating large clusters of galaxies, can this be done ?


The flexibility of STAR Atlas:PRO is such that it's astronomical data may be displayed in many ways, it's like using a graphical interface to the data. There is an example screen shot of the results you can expect - screen shot.

Here is an opportunity to display ten's of thousands of galaxies for your night sky, making it easy to home in large clusters of galaxies.

Here is how: -

1. Open Star Atlas: PRO.
2. Click on [Chart Prefs] on the main menu.
3. Click on [Restore Defaults] (bottom right-centre).
4. Click on [Horizon Mode] (top, right).
5. Now click on [Catalogue Selection Method] (right centre).
6. Select [Manual] (top centre).
7. Next click on [All Off] (bottom right).
8. Then click [LEDA Database] (centre).
9. Click [Close] and a large number of galaxies are seen on the screen.
10. Now click on [Horizon] on the main menu, and choose [say South].
11. This gives a spectacular view of the many galaxies present in the Horizon View      (but of course you can do this with any view).
12. When you have finished, click on [Chart Prefs] and then [Restore Defaults] to return to normal charting mode.

We hope this view gives viewers the opportunity to see the wonders of the universe at first hand - Ian Buttfield.

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