STAR Atlas:PRO frequently asked questions - FAQs

How do I find a star by Name ?
(This FAQ applies to STAR Atlas: PRO Version 5.2 or later )

This is simple matter for Star Atlas:PRO.  Please follow the procedure below.

1. Open Star Atlas:  PRO
2. Choose [Locate] from the main floating menu.
3. Choose menu number [57] Star Names.
4. Choose [Find Star] from the Star Names window that appears.
5. From the �Quick Locator� buttons along the top of the window, choose the letter that beginning letter of the Star you are looking for. As an example, if you are looking for the Star called Rigel, click the [R] button and then all star names beginning with the letter 'R' are listed in the window. 
6. Double-click to select Rigel from the list, you are returned to the main Star Names window
7. Click [MAP] to locate the Star position.

You may then need to change the �Field of View� as described elsewhere to adequately define the object you are interested in.

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