STAR Atlas:PRO frequently asked questions - FAQs

Can I display the positions of Jupiter's Moons in real-time ?

Yes. This is quite simple to do:

1. Open Star Atlas: PRO.
2. Click on [Locate] on the main menu.
3. Under [Other Objects] (bottom right) click [41 � Jovian Events]
4. This brings up the Jovian Events information panel and menu that shows where the moons are positioned in relation to Jupiter (the current instant in time).
5. set the Delay between Frames option to 10 (bottom centre). This sets the display to update every 1 second ( 10 x 1/10th of a second = 1 second).
6. now click the [Sync to CPU] button.
7. After the courtesy message is displayed about remembering to press the ESC key to abort the display, the display then begins updating the position of Jupiter's Moons every 1 second. You will also notice the Date and Time is updated with each screen update.

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