STAR Atlas:PRO frequently asked questions - FAQs

How much Hard Drive space do I require to install STAR Atlas:PRO?

Approximately 2.3 Gigabytes is the minimum hard drive space required.

STAR Atlas:PRO Advanced Ed. when fully installed will require up to 1.6 Gigabytes depending on which installation options you choose. STAR Atlas:PRO is packed with astronomical data, not just the data it needs to draw charts.

Does STAR Atlas: PRO Work when it's Installed on a Compressed Hard Drive?

Yes � the program will run well on a hard disk with compression applied.  The authors asked the maestro programmer to run a test and he replies as follows: -

After loading the entire 3 CD-ROMS supplied with STAR Atlas:PRO Advanced Edition onto my hard disk drive I noticed it was taking around 1.5 Gig of disk space. I applied the compression feature that comes with Windows XP (in the advanced Properties section of Explorer). This shrunk it down to 830Mbytes.

When I run it in this mode, I couldn't tell the difference. (by Renato Alessio)

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