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After I installed STAR Atlas:PRO said I need to install the SAP/INET Add On.

This feature is one which offers great enhancement for the user.  It allows the user to download pictures, rapidly, from the Digitized Sky Survey on the Internet and automatically retrieve and process Comet Orbital Elements ( see What can I learn about Comets ). With a little practice these pictures can be truly remarkable.

If you haven't done so already install the SAP/INET Add-On. To do this, Run the program called "setup" (full name is setup.exe) located in the folder called INET found on the Install disc. Be sure you install the SAP/INET Add-On in the same folder you have installed STAR Atlas:PRO (default is C:\STARPRO).

Turn ON the [SAP/INET] Option. Refer to the STAR Atlas:PRO Configuration section of your Quick Start Guide and Set the [SAP/INET] Option to ON.

To do this: -

     1. Open Star Atlas: PRO.
2. Click on [Chart Prefs] on the main menu.
3. Click [Program Settings & Configuration].
4. Click on [Advanced Edition Config] tab (along top menu).
5. Now enable the [SAP/INET] Internal Communications Add-On [ ] so that it shows a tick mark.

You need only do this once, when you setup the program. This setting is not altered by the [Restore Defaults] command in the [Chart Prefs] menu.

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