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How do I setup the Geographical Region and Time Zone that I am in ?

This is a basic application and is essential if you are to obtain great viewing in your area. To set these data: -

1. Open SAP
2. Click on [Chart Prefs] on the main menu.
3. Click on [Program Settings & Configuration] the [Observers Location] window appears first.
4. click on [Preset Locations][] and then find the nearest location to you (eg. Australia � Adelaide).
5. You will then be asked to [Update your Longitude, Latitude and Time Zone settings for (e.g. Australia-Adelaide.)
6. Click [Yes] and the program will be updated for Longitude, Latitude and Time Zone.
7. You then have the opportunity to set the [Height above Sea Level] and [Preferred Date Format].
8. Finally, you need to set [Enable Daylight Savings], when relevant.

by Dr Ian Buttfield.

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