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How do I download Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) Pictures of objects that interest me and make them the size that is best for me?

One of the great advantages of STAR Atlas: PRO is that it is possible to do many things with the program which are similar to that which you can do with your telescope � with out the discomfort of being outside in the snow and rain! One example is the ability to download pictures of items of interest and you may well have better pictures than you can see with the telescope!

This facility gives you the opportunity to visually survey objects you are planning to observe with your telescope. Objects of interest may then be added to STAR Atlas: PRO�s Observation Planner and then you will know when they are observable in your local sky.

Here is how.

1. Go to [Chart Preferences] and click [Restore Defaults].
2. Go to [Locate] and (find NGC 104). Use [Popular] at the top, then click NGC.
3. Under [Object Designation] (top left) enter 104.
4. Click [Find] and data on NGC104 comes up.
5. Then set "FOV" to 2 degrees
6. If necessary, set the "Mag. Filter" to "No limit".
7. The result will be a great picture of a globular cluster, NGC 104, a picture of which can then be downloaded using the STScI Digitised Sky Image.

The next step is to download the images. Here is what to do.

1. Follow the procedure outlined above to find an object of interest, in this case NGC 104
2. Right click on the selected object of interest, and then go to [On-Line Data] and follow it by [STCsI Digitised Sky Survey].
3. This brings up the (SAP/INET On-Line Interface).
4. Set [Image Height] to 5, and [Image Width] to 5.
5. Click on [Download Now] and wait while the image is downloaded.
6. If the resulting image in the picture is too large, it is worth changing Image size and Width to 10, so the size of the image in the picture is a little smaller and can be easily seen. Varying the Image Size and Width can alter how the downloaded items will appear. A little experimentation is worth the effort (N.B. The size of the picture does not change with the change in �Image Size� but only the objects within the picture).
7. When you have a satisfactory image you are given the opportunity to [Store Image].
8. This procedure can be duplicated using the [use Browser] command for those who have the standard edition of SAP.
9. To associate the image with the location within SAP got to [Locate] on the main menu.
10. Click [User Objects � number 95 � Digitised Sky Survey images].
11. A picture just downloaded will appear. If it is not the correct image click [List] and a gallery of pictures will appear.
12. Double click on the selected image, and then [Map] and you will be brought back to the selected item on the desktop.
13. To review the image, right click on the selected image (NGC104), then click [Identify Object]. This will bring up a list.
14. Select NGC 104 and the NGC 2000.0 Database comes up.
15. Click on [Picture] at the bottom and the picture associated with the item is then shown.

This procedure can be repeated for any object of interest to the viewer.

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