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How Can I Use The Observation List Generator And What Can I Obtain From It?

This feature of STAR Atlas: PRO is of significant benefit to users because it allows viewers to select simply from a wide range of options that provide you with a powerful tool for querying the entire STAR Atlas: PRO astronomical database to locate selected types of celestial objects that fall within a brightness range and constellation of your own choice . It is simple to use and provides great data.

1. Open STAR Atlas: PRO.
2. Click on [Locate] on the main menu.
3. Click on [Observation List generator], top left hand corner.
4. The next menu then allows the viewer to set; -
a. The constellation of desired viewing.
b. A magnitude filter � the default is 9, but setting it at 6 may be helpful to start with.
c. An Object filter which lets the user select the objects she or he is interested in.
5. From this list, the user can select and chart objects of interest, individually by single-clicking on an item in the list as desired then: -
a. Click on [Examine Entry] which take the program to the relevant catalogue (you can also do this by double-clicking the entry in the list).
b. You may now chart the object�s location with the [Map] button or copy the object into the Observation Planner as follows.
c. Click on [Copy to Obs], [Yes] then [Yes or No].
d. Next click [Close], and [Close] which returns the viewer to the desktop.
6. Finally, the Observation Planner can be checked by: -
7. Click on [Locate], [Observation Planner (91)] and this will show the results of the selection process.

This system of storing data allows really great plans to me stored to enhance and optimise viewing!

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