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What time will theGreat Red Spot on Jupiter be visible ?

This matter is easily resolved using STAR Atlas:PRO.

The Image of Jupiter shows the GRS to
lower right.

The Great Red Spot (GRS) on Jupiter has been known for 300 years and can be identified with amateur telescopes.

When the GRS is facing directly toward your Geographical Location on Earth, this is known as the GRS Transit Time. Due to Jupiter�s high rotation speed a GRS Transit may occur up to three times each day.

STAR Atlas: PRO calculates the times when the GRS will Transit for the current chart date (which is normally set to the current Computer Time / Today).

To find out when this spot is visible, do the following: -

1. Start STAR Atlas:PRO
2. Click on [Locate] on the main menu.
3. Click on [1], Extended objects � [Planets]
4. Click on [Jupiter] under [Chooser] on the Right side, Lower.
5. Click on [Jovian Events], bottom, centre.
6. At the top, right of this menu, the [Great Red Spot Transit Times] are shown.
7. This gives you the information you require with little effort !

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