STAR Atlas:PRO frequently asked questions - FAQs

Can I locate an known object, like ESO350-40B, using all Keyboard commands ?

That's easy...

1. Open STAR Atlas:PRO
2. hit the L key on your keyboard ( L is for Locate )
3. now type in ESO350-40B ( or eso350-40b ) to the [Object Designation] (the cursor is already placed there waiting for input).
4. now press Alt-F to activate the Find command and the information panel for ESO350-40B ( the Cartwheel Galaxy ) is displayed.
5. now hit the M key on your keyboard to chart the location of this object or if you already have STAR Atlas:PRO connected to your Goto Telescope, then choose G (for Goto) to slew your scope to the object.

To locate NGC1976 ( M42 ) using this Method

1. Open STAR Atlas:PRO
2. L on your keyboard
3. type in N1976 or NGC1976 as either will work.
4. Hit the Enter key
5. hit the Enter key once more
5. hit the M key to Map the object's position

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