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How do I find the location of a known celestial object, like Messier 42 ?

For Star Atlas:PRO this is easy. The following is a suggested technique for the happy user !

1. Open Star Atlas:PRO
2. Click on [Locate] on the main menu.
3. Add M42 to the [Object Designation] (top left).
4. Click [Find].
5. This takes you to the Catalogue Data for M42 (also NGC 1976 and the Great Nebula in Orion).
6. Click on [Map] to see the object's location charted in Star Atlas:PRO.
7. You may wish to download a picture of this object see; FAQ �How do I download pictures of objects that interest me�.�
8. Now try other menus within [Locate], for example

a. Try menu option 3, [Popular Deep Sky Objects] and select say {Helix Nebula}, clicking on this object takes you direct to the map. Download a really great picture of this Nebula as well.
b. Or menu option 57 [Star Names] and select [Find Star] and then click on the star letter at the top (R) then select (Rigel Kentaurus, also known as Alpha Centauri.  Then click [Map] so see a favourite star !

It is very simple to use a variety of the menus under [Locate] to find objects of interest.  Happy exploring. by Ian Buttfield and Andrew Shelley

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